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It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new e-zine school newsletter to parents, staff and our wider Mercy College community. We look forward to keeping everyone updated with the many activities happening in the school on a monthly basis. As always Mercy College has been a hive of activity during this half term and our newsletter captures that. Many congratulations to Ms. Emer Byrne and her husband Manus on the birth of their son Faolán, who arrived in time to see Dublin win the Sam again!

                                                                  - Patricia Dwyer


The Diversity Committee - Yellow Flag Programme

Mercy College is a welcoming, all-inclusive environment. During the last academic year we introduced the Yellow Flag Programme. Our Diversity Committee which includes students, staff and the wider community is trying to raise awareness of the diversity within our school.


What is diversity?


Diversity means that there are lots of different kinds of things. Just as there are lots of different makes of cars, bikes, washing machines, balls or just about anything you can think of, so there is diversity among people. Every single person is different!


People can be diverse in how they look (hair colour, eye colour, height etc.), the language they speak, their religion and beliefs, their culture and traditions, the type of house they live in, the job they have, their ability, their sexual orientation or how they identify themselves.


The great thing about diversity is that is makes the world an interesting place to be, and full of interesting and different people!


What is inclusion?


Inclusion means that everyone is made feel welcome. In our school inclusion means that every student, teacher, parent and visitor is made feel welcome. We can show inclusion by celebrating all the things that make us diverse or different. This is what makes our school an interesting and exciting place to be.


Twenty-four countries and cultures are present in Mercy College and our focus for the next year is to further our efforts in achieving Mercy College's first Yellow Flag.


There will be a Diversity Week from the 29th of February 2016 to the 6th of March 2016 during which we will showcase our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the school. All members of the school community are invited to attend or contribute.


For more information on the Yellow Flag Programme, click here


Mercy Sports Newsletter Term 1


We have huge numbers playing volleyball from 1st to 6th year. We have two senior teams who are currently in the middle of their league. Both teams are playing well, having gone up in a division. The two cadette teams made up of girls from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th are also in league action and performed well in round 1. At junior level we have 25 1st year girls playing volleyball and 20 second years training twice a week. We have a large number of senior girls helping out with coaching which is really good for all the girls. These girls will start their Spikeball competition after mid-term.



Ms. Tyrrell, a past pupil of Mercy is looking after the 1st and 2nd Year girls. Ms. Tyrrell is now teaching in Mercy and has a vast knowledge of basketball and is currently playing division 1 with DCU Mercy. It is great to see so many girls training at lunch and after school. The senior team is coached by Laura Ryan, another past pupil and that team starts their league next week against Mount Sackville. This year we have decided to enter the local Northside league so the girls are looking forward to playing local schools.



This year Mercy College Coolock is participating in the Get Going Get Rowing Programme. All 1st year girls are taking part in this programme. On the 5th, 6th& 7th of October all first year form classes went down to Neptune Rowing Club and went rowing in fours on the River Liffey. We have 16 fourth year girls also taking part in a rowing coaching programme. We have six rowing machines in the school and all 1st year girls are training on these for the 4 person relay in Trinity College on November 13th.



The school got a lot of new gymnastic mats this year and all students from 1st to 4th have just completed a 5 week block in gymnastics. This sport has proven hugely successful with so many girls involved in dance outside of school.


Soccer News


Soccer training has started back for the year and we have had a great turnout so far. The girls train on Wednesday evenings from 4 to 5 and all are welcome. We are delighted to have Mr. O' Connor joining us this year to help out with training. The Senior Soccer team travelled to Enniscorthy on October 8th to play Coláiste Bríde. It was a great experience as Coláiste Bríde was a strong team and Mercy College took a lot from the game. The team are delighted with the new kit so many thanks to the school and all those who contributed to the bake sale and helped raise funds.


Green Committee 2015-2016


We are in the process of applying for our third green flag this year under the theme Water. We want to make students more aware of water consumption in our school community. We hope to make students at Mercy more aware of water saving tips through learning and fun activities such as poster campaigns, presentations, surveys, competitions and much more. We will continue to carry out water audits, monitor our water consumption, draft an action plan and hopefully reduce our water usage. We would like to remain a green school with the help and support of students, teachers and staff. Do your bit for the environment at home and at Mercy by recycling, turning off lights in classrooms and turning off taps when they are not in use. Help us achieve the green flag for water. We would like to welcome all new members to the Green Committee 2015-2016 we look forward to working with them and we are delighted with their vibrant, fresh ideas. Green committee members will be taking part in environmental workshops from Eco UNESCO, receiving talks from An Taisce as well as going on green school trips during the year.


LCVP hosting the annual 1st Year quiz


All first year students were invited to take part in a quiz hosted by 6th year LCVP students. Each first year was charged €2 entry fee which will be donated to charity. The members of the winning team were Chloe Vickers, Shakira Aherne, Megan Carroll, Nicole Ward and Lauren Baker. There were also prizes awarded for 2nd and 3rd place. In between rounds, there were also spot prizes. The majority of questions were general knowledge, TV, celebrities and sport. There were 10 rounds with 6 questions in each. Lauren Baker and Chloe Vickers 1st year.  

Sculpture in Context 2015


On the 22nd September 5th year students visited the “Sculpture in Context 2015” in the Botanic Gardens. The exhibition is one of the most prestigious outdoor exhibitions in Ireland. It provides the students with the opportunity to view work from some of Ireland’s most promising and well established artists. The sculptures were displayed throughout the gardens, in the greenhouses and some directly in the pond. Smaller pieces were exhibited in the gallery above the coffee shop in the visitor centre. The art ranged in subject matter, scale and media. The students sketched their favourite pieces on site specific sculptures. 


Brú na Bóinne


As part of the Art history course, on the 14th September 5th and 6th year students visited the World Heritage Site of Brú na Bóinne in Co.Westmeath. Brú na Bóinne known as the Palace of the Boyne is the name given to one of the world’s most important archaeological landscapes. While there, the students were given a guided tour of the passage tomb we know as Newgrange, experiencing what it would be like during the Winter Solstice when the passage and chamber light up at sunrise. The girls also explored the visitor centre and completed a worksheet. Ms. Kearns and Ms. Cassidy


Transition Year News Library


It has been a busy few months for transition year students. The following represent some of the activities that the students did during September and October:


Road Safety

This talk was presented by Garda David Barron. He spoke about wearing safety belts, speed limits on our road, causes of road accidents and how we should all make the right decisions. There was also a DVD showing road accidents and how they could have been prevented. We were also shown a DVD indicating the long term consequences of not wearing safety belts and speeding. He made us aware that by reducing your speed by 5km it could save lives.


First Aid course

We learned a lot about First Aid and were given details about how to administer CPR. We were also shown how to dress wounds, how to put people who were unconscious into the recovery position. First aid is all about prioritising the situation. You should always attend a person who is badly hurt and stem the flow of blood loss and most importantly call for help. Nicole Fulton and Chloe Roberts


Fighting words

This is a creative writing workshop attended by all 4th year students. The whole session was based around the students coming up with creative ideas and each group of students had to come up with a story and present it to the rest of the group. We all enjoyed this workshop and who knows some of us may be a famous writer of the future.



Every Thursday afternoon we attend kickboxing. We are mainly taught how to defend ourselves. It is a really great way to keep fit!


TY Rowing

A number of students volunteered to participate in rowing activities with 1st year students. We hope to compete in a rowing competition in Trinity in November and will keep you posted on how we got on.


Mock Trial

We have been involved with a very interesting law course. Barristers and people from the legal profession have come to talk to us and show us how the legal system works. They were able to show us the difference between a barrister and solicitor. The overall aim of this is for the students to hold a mock trial which will be held in DCU in November. Keep you updated on our progress.


3rd Year Geography field trip


On Monday the 12th of October we all headed off to Glendalough for a day of fun and education. We saw the round tower, old church, the beautiful waterfall and the miners’ village. It was really interesting and we learned a lot for our Junior Cert course! Hollie McCabe 

Home School News


Parents cookery class in the parents room 

Maths Week


A whole host of activities took place in Mercy College this week to celebrate Maths Week. These include bingo, countdown, card games and the million euro drop. Some of the Transition Year students got the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Professor Des MacHale in St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra. Professor MacHale told us all about George Boole and the Boolean Algebra that forms the basis for modern day technology. Thanks to all the teachers and students involved in making Maths Week such a success!


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