Practical Information

Each student will be assigned an individual locker. Lockers may only be accessed at the following times: before first class, at break time, at lunchtime, after school. Students are expected to keep lockers clean and tidy. Locker checks will take place throughout the year. Prizes for Tidiest/Best Organised Locker will be awarded at year assemblies during the year.

Attendance Strategy

Attendance at all classes is essential for learning. An attendance monitor will make telephone contact with the parent/guardian of each absent student.

Daily Roll Call
An electronic hand-reader system will be used to register students’ attendance and punctuality. Students are required to use this system each morning and afternoon. The correct use of the system is each student’s own responsibility. Failure to use the system will result in the student being marked absent unnecessarily. The school is required by law to report a student to the Education Welfare Board when her absences reach 20. In accordance with the Education Welfare Act 2000, if a student is absent from school a parent/guardian must write a note to account for the absence. Where a student does not return after lunchtime due to illness or other unforeseen event a note is also required. Pages for this purpose are provided at the back of the journal. This note is essential even where a parent has informed the school by telephone of a student’s absence as the Education Welfare Officer may request copies of notes received by the school. On the first day back at school after the absence, the student must present the note to her teachers.

When a student has been absent for any length of time, it is imperative that on her return to school, she finds out what work/study she has missed so that she can ‘catch up’ with classmates.

Appointments with doctors, dentists etc. should be arranged, as far as possible, for suitable times after school hours. If a student needs to leave school early, a note in the journal from a parent/guardian is required. This must be shown to the relevant Year Head or to the Deputy Principal or Principal. Pages for this purpose are provided at the back of the journal. Students who have permission to leave school early for an appointment must sign out at the General Office, having first spoken to the Deputy Principal. If a student is ill during the school day she must report to the Attendance Secretary or Deputy Principal who may contact parents to arrange for her to be collected from school.

It is essential that we have up-to-date contact numbers (including mobile numbers) in case of medical emergency.

Records of attendance and punctuality throughout a student’s years at Mercy College are kept by the school and are consulted prior to writing a reference. Certificates acknowledging students whose attendance is good are awarded at end-of-term assemblies.

Detention system for late arrival at school
Late students are required to record their late arrival in the “Late Book” at the General Office. The student’s journal will be marked with a late stamp indicating their time of arrival. Lateness due to exceptional circumstances, which is explained by a Parent / Guardian may be excused by the Principal or Deputy Principal. Students who are late are required to attend detention from 1.10 to 1.30 on the day they are late. This rule applies also to Fridays. Failure to attend at detention may result in suspension from school.

Message for Parents and Guardians on the use of The Mercy College School Journal

The student journal of Mercy College has several important functions in the life of the school.

The journal contains much of the information necessary for members of the school community – students, parents and staff – to understand key aspects of school life, including the Code of Behaviour, Attendance Strategy, Uniform guidelines etc.

All students must have their journal on the desk for every class and should take down all homework – written and otherwise – in the journal. This will help students complete all homework necessary, while allowing parents and teachers to check that homework is being noted and completed.

The journal provides an opportunity for communication between teachers and students. Each student must comply with any teacher’s request to see the journal. Failure to hand up journal when requested is a serious breach of the Code of Behaviour.

Pages are provided at the back of the journal for teachers to record comments on homework, books, preparation for class, behaviour etc. It is essential to the success of each student that her parent/guardian checks these pages.

You are asked to sign the journal every day to indicate that you are checking on your daughter’s progress in all aspects of school life.

The journal is also monitored fortnightly by either your daughter’s Year Head or another member of the school management team. 5 negative comments during the two week period will result in one hour’s detention on the following Wednesday.

Detention for too many negative comments takes place on Wednesdays from 3.45 p.m. to 4.45 p.m. It must take precedence over all other commitments.

For the majority of students the journal is a source of pride and encouragement. Pages are provided at the back of the journal to record student achievement and positive feedback from school personnel.